Saturday, March 18, 2017

NEWS: Nursing Home Inspection Reports Leave Gaps
  • The state conducts routine inspections of Florida’s 683 nursing homes once a year, on average, and once every two years for the more than 3,000 assisted living facilities. But the sites can face additional investigations for serious complaints — including imminent danger to residents. The resulting reports are typically posted on within about six weeks, officials said, and the site’s archives date back to at least 2008. For earlier years, consumers can file public records requests, the site notes.

  • At Families For Better Care — a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to creating public awareness of conditions in the nation’s nursing homes — Lee said the state shouldsuspend its automated redaction program until it can figure out a better system.

  • “I haven’t seen anything this blatant, as far as the disregard of the public records laws, as what’s coming out of the Agency for Health Care Administration right now,” he said. “And their attitude is very nonchalant, that this is just a computer glitch. It’s crazy — and, most importantly, it’s a disservice to residents and their families.”

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NEWS: Nursing Home Inspection Reports Leave Gaps

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