Friday, March 10, 2017

With The Indictment of April Parks on the Front Page of the Las Vegas Review Journal, Steve Miller Reminds Us.....

April Parks is the second local private guardian to be caught. Several years ago Patience Bristol, an employee of Jared E. Shafer's Professional Fiduciary Services of Nevada, Inc. was convicted of the same crimes Parks is charged with. In both cases, the women were either employed or trained by Shafer who has not yet been charged with a crime.

Until Shafer and Clark Co. Family Court Judges Charles Hoskin and Jon Norheim who knowingly assigned wealthy "wards" to certain private "guardians," along with the cartel of attorneys who defended the guardians, are convicted of felonies, I believe the problem that originated in Las Vegas in 1979 when Jared Shafer was appointed Public Guardian by the father of newly elected U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto, will continue unabated.
- Steve Miller

Note: Pictured are:  April Parks, Patience Bristol, Jared Shafer, the front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal, Elyse Tyrell, Commissioner Jon Norheim,
Judge Charles Hoskin, and Francis Fine


Ben said...

Exactly right Steve.

George said...

Thank god for Steve Miller. Without him, these crimes would have just continued and continued and continued.