Saturday, April 8, 2017

Couple gets probation on exploitation of elder charge

A Floyd County judge sentenced a man and woman to a year of probation after they took an elderly man’s disability check to pay for their own utility bills and buy mice to feed their pet snake, while he remained in his apartment with the power cut off.

Joshua Adam McCurry and Sheryl Lynn Norris were both sentenced by Judge Jack Niedrach to the term of probation on Wednesday after they were found guilty of felony exploitation of an elder or disabled person along with restitution of $136.

According to police reports and testimony presented in court:

Norris originally applied to receive Tommy Mills’ disability check but was turned down by the agency, so she reapplied with the information of her then­-boyfriend, McCurry. The two spent money on tools, their own utility bills and other items during the 15 months they received the victim’s disability check, police said.

During that time his power had been turned off multiple times and his cable was turned off, so he now watches DVDs because he can’t afford to pay the over $600 cable bill left unpaid by Norris and McCurry, his niece Beth Rose said.

The victim has a brain injury, Rose said, and is physically disabled, limited to his apartment by his disabilities.

“My uncle was a victim longer than the offenders were sentenced,” Rose said after the sentencing.

In his closing arguments, James Wyatt, who represented Norris in trial, said he presented a budget to the jury which showed his client provided for Mills and included services, such as haircuts, far in excess of what Mills’ disability check provided.

As part of the Floyd County Police Department’s investigation, detective Amy Nails said they tracked payment receipts for items they determined were not purchased to assist the victim and linked them to Norris and McCurry.

“There were two times he was living without power while they were feeding his pet snake and paying for their utilities with his funds,” Nails said.

At one point, Nails said, McCurry got arrested and Norris continued to accept the payments and use them for her own gain.

Rose, who takes care of the victim now, said she has been able to pay his bills and even have a little left over each month. While she’s taken over and her uncle is taken care of at this point, they’re still dealing with problems caused by the crime.

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Couple gets probation on exploitation of elder charge

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Restitution? Community service? Probation isn't enough.