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How some Ohio nursing homes are putting the lives of society's most vulnerable at risk

Six months ago, News 5 Investigators began looking into the case of a local father, whose son had many questions about his dad’s health and experiences at a Strongsville nursing home. In the midst of our investigation, we uncovered eye-opening violations in Northeast Ohio’s most problematic nursing homes, with some including severe infractions that led to death. So we wondered how difficult it really was to get answers, and whether or not these facilities would own up to their past problems. What we found may surprise you.

‘I don’t believe I am the only one’

Donald Gallick Sr. was a man called hard-working. He was a man called helpful. He was also a man called “Dad” by his son, Donald.

“Always willing to do what needed to be done,” the younger Donald says of his dad. “He appreciated sports, a Buckeye fan…a hard worker, faced any challenge, very easy to talk to.”

But as he got older, Donald Gallick Sr. began having health issues. He suffered a minor stroke and it became difficult for him to drive or walk.

“One day, I came over, and he had tripped on a chair,” said the younger Donald, a lawyer who deals with healthcare fraud. “And I found him lying on the ground for the better part of a day.”

Now, the younger Donald can’t stop wondering, ‘What if?’, when it comes to whether or not his dad received the best care while he was in Falling Water Healthcare Center in Strongsville in 2013. He questioned how his father was treated there, but believes he didn’t get the answers he needed.

“I want to know, is this being treated?” he questioned. “What is actually the diagnosis? Is he going to walk again?”

Ohio Nursing Homes: Is your family affected? Check our interactive map here.

Donald Gallick Sr. passed away at another facility in 2014.

“…This was my experience,” he said. “And I don’t believe I am the only one.”

The Gallicks’ story is one of many, as numerous nursing homes in Northeast Ohio have racked up thousands in fines and low ratings by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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How some Ohio nursing homes are putting the lives of society's most vulnerable at risk

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Anonymous said...

My experience with my mother that is being held against her will in Ohio in a guardianship has been that the facilities she has been forced to reside in has done nothing but lie when asked questions about care or treatment. The surprising fact is those with 5 stars at least some can be even worse than those with 1 star. Ohio is one of the only states that can manipulate the system as far as ratings to place that person in a facility for one. If the same criteria would be used in another state that person would not qualify for living in the facility epically with mental health. I along with others have witnessed my mother abused, her belongings stolen, medical documentation being changed purposely among other acts that doesn't make sense in the least. Ohio is rapidly placing people in guardianship which aren't warranted to bypass many laws in place to protect. Ohio is committing people without using the law that is in place to protect people from being committed and isolated from society just for having a disability. The agencies in place to place complaint do nothing to assist in helping your loved one. This man isn't the only one this has happened to this is for sure. There are examples of how even a mother questioned her sons care at a group home which he was abused and instead of investigating the abuse the child was taken from his mother then placed with a professional guardian. Scenic Pointe in Holmes County, Ohio received billion dollar grants from the Veteran Administration but just this year has changed all advertising to admit just that they accept Veterans. It has been witnessed that these veterans are doing everything to be released only to then be placed in guardianship with no choice but live the rest of their lives in this facility. It might seem from the surface this is a 5 star facility but further research would show anyone a different picture. If you look up probate records if can be seen that some are referred to as special projects? They are always denied a jury trial when requested and any legal counsel allotted to them always will have a conflict of interest that is very easy to find. People are suffering in Ohio from corruption & fraud my mother is a pure example as this father is and no legal aspect in Ohio is listening to those who are begging for their help to protect their loved one. It is at least inspiring that Ohio has seemed to finally be receiving the negative attention it deserves to retain the help many of need to save our loved one.