Thursday, July 13, 2017

Marti Oakley to Moderate Panel at the Annual Whistleblower Summit

Every year, whistleblowers involved in many different human rights issues gather at the annual Whistleblower Summit in Washington, DC. It's a huge event and is expected to be even bigger this year.

This year, for the first time, guardianship abuse will be included as a summit topic of the Judicial Integrity Panel. Marti Oakley will be moderating a panel consisting of Danny Tate (NASGA Legislative Liaison), Jean Kasem (personal experience) , and Brian Kinter (Judicial Accountability Movement activist).

For those who don't know Marti, she has been devoted to this cause for seven years, after interviewing NASGA member Sara Harvey (wife of victim Gary Harvey) on her radio show (T.S. Radio) and then not being able to sleep after that interview. Over the years, her show has given victims a platform to tell their stories and to discuss reform and remedies. Those who never had a voice before were given a voice on Marti's show.

She has given of her time unselfishly, researching cases, interviewing potential guests ahead of her show, and following up with guests after the show is over. She was the first person to take on this issue on the radio and her particular style has earned her a growing audience that has become a force in this movement.

And she does it all for free, because she cares about guardianship abuse and those who are suffering because of it, and she wants to fix the problem. She is the very definition of an advocate/activist and she is an inspiration for those who are afraid to stand up when standing up is essential. It is more than fitting that she be honored by being selected as a moderator of this important forum.

The Whistleblower Summit is July 27th and 28th and the public is welcome to attend!

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Betty said...

Love Marti Oakley and appreciate her so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marti. You are a champion for our cause.

Norma said...

WOW this is a great opportunity and I'm so glad Marti is on this panel. You'll do a wonderful job Marti. You always do.

Steve said...


StandUp said...

Knock them over, Marti!

Donna said...

I listen to Marti's shows as often as I can and I have always appreciated the work she does and the empathy she has for victims. She is great for this cause. Thank you for everything!