Saturday, July 29, 2017

When a Preschool Opens Inside a Nursing Home All Heaven Breaks Loose

A hospital chain has found a way of caring for both the young and the old by having them take care of each other – and in the process, built a bridge across generations.

The Intergenerational Learning Center consists of a preschool inside the Mount St. Vincent nursing home in Seattle, Washington. The 400 adults in the assisted-living center join the kids in daily activities from music and dancing to storytelling and just plain visiting.

The Center’s managers say the children learn from their elders and are nurtured by the adults while the invigorated seniors get a new sense of purpose and well-being from the playful tots.

Film maker Evan Briggs has a Kickstarter page to finish a documentary about the place. His film “Present Perfect” portrays what he calls the “very real experience of aging in America – both growing up, and growing old.”

(WATCH the trailer and READ more at the Deseret News)

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When a Preschool Opens Inside a Nursing Home All Heaven Breaks Loose


Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful concept and I hope it works out. The elderly need to be involved in society and their community as they have always been. Kids need to learn what the elderly have to teach them and they need to learn respect. It's a perfect combination.

Josh said...

This article makes me smile!