Friday, August 11, 2017

Daughter of Holocaust Survivor Al Katz Asks for Help

Al Katz, a Holocaust survivor now deceased, was a snowbird from Indiana who went to Florida one year as he always did -- only this time he never came home. On his profile on NASGA's Victims page, his daughter, Beverly Newman, stated,

Al Katz speaking to his guardian
"In Florida State guardianship, Dad was locked up, at 89 years old, in the dismal, isolated basement of a metropolitan hospital, with a no-contact order, separating him for weeks from his family and friends. He relived the Holocaust here in Manatee Memorial Hospital, with fierce, penetrating fears of abandonment and confinement, his worst fears come true. I, his daughter, just outside the thick metal doors, was ordered to leave the premises by the police guarding the poor old man from the touch he needed for comfort.

Three weeks behind locked electronic, guarded doors, my Father relived, flashbacked to the Holocaust, when his adored parents and baby brother were murdered in mass killings of Jews. He could not help his own cherished family, and I could not help him 70 years later."

Al Katz passed in 2009, but his daughter now living in Florida, is still in litigation and the case is not settled.  Beverly states, "they have said they will have me arrested here in Florida and shipped back to Indiana like a criminal, which is likely to cost me my life."  She also states she is being retaliated against, intimidated, and the truth is being obscured.

Beverly asks for both help and prayers.  And she asks that as many people as possible share her plea for help so hopefully an interested investigative reporter will step up and bring sunshine on her case.  Beverly can be reached at

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Kathy said...

This poor man has been thru enough without putting his family through more.

Charlie said...

Praying for Mr. Katz and his daughter!

OnThePath said...

The father Al Katz died in 2009. The daughter is still in litigation about all this.