Friday, September 1, 2017

Ex-Atlanta attorney indicted in $250,000 theft of client fees

A former Atlanta attorney was indicted on 30 theft by taking by fiduciary and two forgery counts Tuesday nearly four years after allegations arose that he stole more than $266,000 from clients.

A grand jury issued the indictment against Robert Thompson Jr., 65, Fulton County District Attorney spokesman Dontaye Carter said in a release.

During the initial investigation in May 2014, police discovered Thompson misappropriated more than $75,000 from seven clients, Carter said. Once the case got to the district attorney’s office, authorities identified 22 other victims and revealed Thompson allegedly misappropriated more than $191,000.

Thompson, who specialized in foreclosures, was disbarred by the Georgia Supreme Court in February 2015. He had practiced law for nearly 40 years.

Carter said if convicted, Thompson could face 480 years in prison.

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Ex-Atlanta attorney indicted in $250,000 theft of client fees

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Dionne said...

This kind of theft deserves a stronger punishment than normal theft.