Saturday, October 7, 2017

Court-appointed guardian charged with stealing from man in her care

Michelle Alexander
NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) A court-appointed guardian has been charged after allegedly stealing more than $51,000 from a man she was caring for.

Police say that in August of 2015, 45-year-old Michelle Alexander became the caregiver for a Kendallville man who was in declining health.

During October to December of 2015, police say Alexander used the victim's disability checks for her own financial benefit.

In 2016, a new guardian was appointed due to a lack of communication from Alexander. A short time later, an audit revealed discrepancies in the victim's finances.

Alexander was arrested on theft charges and later released on bail.

From Indiana State Police:

A 45 year old woman from Reading, Michigan was recently jailed on a charge alleging she stole more than $51,000 from a man she was supposed to be caring for.

The investigation by Indiana State Police Detective Mike Carroll revealed in August of 2015, Michelle Lynn Alexander, 45 of Reading, Michigan was appointed by the Noble County Circuit Court as a court appointed guardian of a then 59 year old man from Kendallville who suffered from declining mental and physical health.

During the time period between October 2015 and December 2015, it is alleged that Alexander accessed the victim’s bank account and used his disability checks for her own financial benefit, and not the benefit of the victim. The total loss incurred by the victim totaled more than $51,000.

In July of 2016, the victim was transferred to a mental health facility in Jay County by Alexander and shortly thereafter, a new guardian had been appointed because of a lack of communication from Alexander. An audit was then conducted and the significant discrepancies in the victim’s finances were discovered. Carroll was made aware of the theft in May of this year, and following a four month long investigation, the case was presented to the Noble County Prosecutor’s Office who filed the following charge:

• Theft, Level 5 Felony

Alexander turned herself into the Noble County Jail on September 24, 2017 and has since been released on bond.

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Court-appointed guardian charged with stealing from man in her care


Betty said...

Look how quickly she stole all that money!

Zoey said...

It's encouraging to see one get caught and charged!

Anonymous said...

Why are they always such ugly people?


I fear that this takes place more often and goes undetected. The guardianship system in this Country has a dark underbelly and more needs to be done to change it.
Robert F Westermam

Carol Wellman said...

I'm glad you posted this happening in the state where I live. These stories need to be told. This rampant abuse needs to be uncovered. I couldnt believe when I told the story of my fathers abuse, how many of my friends were stunned by it. i was kinda annoyed when a friend said, "I dont get why they would do that, what do the guardians get out of it?"
power, control and money I said and the chance to practice their criminal behavior on our loved ones, often with deadly consequences.What needs to be done in each state? where does one start?