Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gravelle changes name, fights for guardianship of elderly relative

NORWALK — A woman a Huron County jury found guilty of child endangerment in 2006 — the subject of news stories that went viral — is in a custody battle over her wealthy aunt with dementia, according to court records.

In 2005, police removed 11 adopted children from Sharen Gravelle and her husband Michael’s home. Authorities claimed the couple had kept the children in cages, but a caseworker and the Gravelles contended the children were kept in enclosures for their own protection.

They lost custody of their adopted children and both Sharen and Michael Gravelle served prison terms.

Sharen Gravelle was released from prison in 2011 after serving a two-year term.

She has since divorced her husband and changed her name to Sharen Curtis-Timperman.

A Cleveland news news station, WKYC-TV 3, reported that Stacy Hansford left her 93-year-old mother, Barbara, with Curtis-Timperman while her home was being renovated.

Curtis-Timperman then allegedly fled to Houston, Mo., with Babara Hansford, where she’s trying to get appointed her legal guardian.

Babara Hansford was married to Richard L. Hansford — a former vice president and dean of student services at the University of Akron.

After his death in 2015, she was diagnosed with dementia, according to the news report from TV-3. Stacy Hansford believes that Curtis-Timperman is taking advantage of her mother to get to her sizable wealth, WKYC reported.

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Gravelle changes name, fights for guardianship of elderly relative