Monday, October 16, 2017

Sumner County Woman Wins Partial Victory

By Walter F. Roche Jr.

After a lengthy court hearing today, a Sumner county woman won a partial victory when a Davidson probate judge agreed to replace her current court appointed conservator with her brother.

Judge David "Randy" Kennedy agreed to name Alex Sherrill as the conservator of his 53-year-old sister Reba.

Reba Sherrill had been placed in a limited health care conservatorship in August based on a petition filed by attorneys for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The hospital said in its filing that she no longer needed acute hospital care but needed to be transferred to an appropriate facility.

Sherrill, who is a paraplegic, had originally been admitted to Vanderbilt on Aug. 8 for medical treatment.

The hospital also petition sought to have Cathryn Armistead, a Nashville attorney appointed as a temporary conservator with the power to transfer Sherrill.

Kennedy approved the petition, including the appointment of Armistead.

Interviewed today following the lengthy hearing, Sherrill said she was happy with the outcome even though her motion to have the conservatorship finally terminated was denied.

"We made a compromise," she wrote in an email.

Just after Sherrill was transferred to a Nashville nursing home under Kennedy's original order, she was brought under protest back to Vanderbilt. She has charged that she was injected with a powerful anti-psychotic drug, Haldol, to which she is allergic.

Sherrill was brought back to Vanderbilt after her newly appointed conservator filed a report with the court showing she had a substantial settlement from the accident which left her as a paraplegic.

From Vanderbilt she was transferred to a Robertson County nursing home, once again over her protests.

Attorneys involved in the litigation have not responded to requests for comment.

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Sumner County Woman Wins Partial Victory

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Norma said...

She really is lucky to have her brother in charge.

Mary said...

I agree Norma.