Thursday, October 5, 2017

Trial delayed in elderly exploitation case

A case involving a charge of financial exploitation of the elderly has been delayed as both sides gather more evidence.

Michael Anthony Stewart, 43, stands accused as the owner of Budget Home Repair. Prosecutors said a 60-year-old woman was told to pay $25,700 to repair a sump pump and seal a basement water problem. She was told she’d have no choice but to tear her house down if she didn’t make the repairs, according to the charges.

Richard Shelton, a St. Joseph Police Department detective, stated in court documents that Stewart overcharged for work not needed and did so by making false claims.

Stewart was originally represented by Michael Insco. However, he withdrew. Sean Pickett, a Kansas City attorney, now represents Stewart.

Ron Holliday, the assistant Buchanan County prosecutor, reported investigators uncovered additional information about the case.

Pickett announced he’s in the process of also uncovering additional evidence.

Circuit Judge Patrick Robb gave the defense 45 more days to file the new discovery and provide it to the prosecution.

Holliday also told the judge that Shelton would be out of the country during the trial and asked to have the date changed.

Robb agreed to cancel the trial scheduled to begin on Monday, Oct. 23. The judge ordered the four-day jury trial to be reset to begin on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018.

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Trial delayed in elderly exploitation case


Tara said...

It makes me sick to see old people preyed upon.

Betty said...

It happens all the time, Tara. The elderly person is trusting and also feels relief when he or she thinks a problem is taken care of so they fall right into these traps.