Monday, November 13, 2017

Judge reduces woman's legal bills

WSMV News 4
NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Reba Sherrill was billed more than $13,000 for legal work she said she didn’t want or need.

The News 4 I-Team has learned that bill is being reduced by order of the court.

One of the items on the bill was a charge of more than $400 for Cathryn Armistead, a court-appointed lawyer, to pick up groceries at Whole Foods.

“Do you know how much food she bought? It was half a bag! Half a bag!” Sherrill said.

Armistead charged $175 an hour to shop and deliver the food. It doesn’t include the cost of the groceries.

Legal bills started to mount up when Vanderbilt University Medical Center went to court last year to get a conservator approved for Sherrill. They said she had borderline personality disorder and couldn’t care for herself.

“I’ve been fighting for two months now,” Sherrill said.

The court battle ended when Judge Randy Kennedy agreed to let Sherrill’s brother handle her affairs.

Armistead, who Kennedy appointed to handle Sherrill’s medical affairs, submitted a bill for 76.6 hours of legal work, plus expenses, for a total of $13,469.

Kennedy lowered that amount to $12,500. There is no information in the court file why he reduced Armistead’s fees.

There was a second court-appointed lawyer, Corleta Mance, to represent Sherrill in the proceedings. She billed $7,600. Kennedy approved paying her in full.

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Judge reduces woman's legal bills


StandUp said...

Kennedy should have gone deeper and reduced the bills to zero. Vanderbilt took this woman needlessly. She should not have to pay for the harm done to her involuntarily.

Anonymous said...

Why? Why would he do that on his own? Someone's talking to him....