Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tonight on T. S. Radio with Marti Oakley: The Vigil for Anastasia Adams Report

Yolanda Bell returns at 7 pm CST  to report on the condition of Anastasia and the Vigil held for her last evening.

We will have an update on her condition since Friday.

They have already withdrawn hydration and nutrition from Anastasia

Candlelight vigil it went and what we witnessed

Priests were denied visits with her and then only by appointment

The INOVA guardian alledges chaos and disruption at The Envoy where this medical murder is taking place. Apparently, said guardian is not aware that people have video cameras and phones that tell an entirely different story.

We are witnessing an intentional medical murder. Has murder become ok as long as a doctor orders it? What if this was your relative,your child or even you? Would it be ok then?

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