Monday, November 20, 2017

Tonight on T. S. Radio with Marti Oakley: Abolishing Probate #7: The Creeping Genocide of the Elderly and Disabled

5:00 pm PST … 6:00 pm MST … 7:00 pm CST … 8:00 pm EST
Hosted by Marti Oakley, with Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Carly Walden Hidden Truth Revealed Radio Hospice Patients

The recent passing of Anastasia Adams at The Envoy in Virginia is a story of what lies ahead for all of us if we become the property of a guardian. Probate, as it exists, must be abolished and those who have utilized this deadly system to cause harm and death must be held accountable.

We are witnessing government sanctioned genocide of not only the elderly, but also the disabled......but as long as you don't know about it or it doesn't happen to you, most think it doesn't happen.

Yolanda Bell will join us for an update in the recent medical murder of her beautiful sister, Anastasia Adams. We will not let Anastasia be forgotten, nor the people who premeditated her death.

HOSPICE: The new GRIM REAPER Thinking of going into Hospice? Maybe sending someone you love for Hospice care? You might want to rethink that. Hospice is no longer the good Samaritan outfit it used to be. With an 11.5 billion infusion of cash over a ten year period via Obamacare, Hospice has been transformed into the embodiment of the Grim Reaper. Average length of life once in Hospice? 10 DAYS.

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