Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tonight on Whistleblowers with Marti Oakley: Medical Kidnap and the Euthanizing of Anastasia Adams

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Yolanda Bell joins us to expose the medical kidnapping of her sister Anastasia and INOVA Fairfax's Virginia stated intention to withdraw nutrition causing Anastasia's death within 10-14 days. This is,in my personal opinion, medical murder. Having taken guardianship as a result of Yolanda refusing to agree to having Anastasia discharged with a 10 inch bloodclot still present in her arm, Anastasia has suffered immense physical and emotional distress while being held involuntarily by this hospital and particpating facilities. The Abduction of Anastasia Adams

As of yesterday, because of the flurry of calls about Anastasia, visitation is severly restricted, so much so that several priests were refused to be allowed to see her last evening. Anastasia is being held The Envoy of Alexandria, Virginia.

As in all these guardianship cases, isolation, the forbidding of touching or comforting the victim, is the standard or is so limited that it is torturous for those subjected to it. What has happened to Anastasia Adams under the care of INOVA is inhumane and the deterioration of her overall health is well documented and noted and supported with photos and reports. Now, after failing to care for this woman, they want to arbitrarily end her life.

IF this is the end for least let her be returned to her family so that her final days are spent with those she loves and those who love her instead of in the hands of strangers who apparently have no ethics, morals or compassion.

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Kathleen said...

It is against Anastasia's rights under the ADA to be forced to die. This is inhumane treatment which will not go unnoticed.

Kathleen Dunn said...

Everyone should be outraged by the taking of an innocent life. Anastasia deserves to live. Murder is what euthanasia is.

Terry said...

Poor Anastasia. Imagine being completely helpless to defend yourself against these thugs. It breaks my heart.