Friday, January 19, 2018

How the Judicial System Becomes Involved in Aging Issues

On today’s show, we’re discussing how the judicial system becomes involved in aging issues, specifically probate, conservatorships and mediation. 

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How the Judicial System Becomes Involved in Aging Issues


Barbara said...

Judge Kennedy? THE Judge Kennedy?

George said...

It makes me sick to look at this man. He was the subject of several articles in The Tennessean over the years. Many people suffered under his watch. And they're talking to him as if he's a normal judge?

Anonymous said...

If ever there was a worthy judicial spokesperson on this subject, it's not Judge Kennedy. Ask Ginger Franklin. Wait, you can't ask her. She's dead. Judge Kennedy isn't responsible for her death because he didn't take his hands to her. What he did, though, was allow the guardian to drop her medical insurance and he allowed her guardian to hold on to Ginger long after Ginger had received a doctor's order allowing her to go back to work. Ginger had suffered a traumatic brain injury, which was how she got into guardianship, and she had a history of cancer too. When she needed medical treatment, thanks to Judge Kennedy and her former guardian, she couldn't afford it.

I hope every night when they lay their heads on their pillow, they see the pleading face of Ginger Franklin.