Monday, February 12, 2018

Editorials Editorial: NM lawmakers have just days to wrap up 2018’s work

The legislative session ends in just four short days.

That means lawmakers will be working late into the night — and likely into the wee hours of the morning — to get important legislation across the finish line and onto the governor’s desk.

Those that should be passed


Lawmakers need to adopt legislation to address the massive abuses of our state’s closed legal guardianship/conservator system. Senate Bill 19 – which cleared the Senate by a unanimous vote last week – has four key reforms that must be implemented this session. Those key reforms include: opening court hearings that are now closed, giving family members more access to guardianship records, ensuring visitation would not be as easily thwarted by commercial guardians, and requiring non-family conservators to post sufficient bonds in case financial impropriety occurs.

While there are problems with other aspects of the bill, which we hope the House addresses, it’s crucial these four elements be enacted this session to protect New Mexico’s most vulnerable citizens, especially after the recent revelations that millions of dollars have been embezzled from guardian or conservator clients.

By law, the Legislature must wrap up its work by noon Thursday. There’s a great deal riding on their success. ...

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Editorial: NM lawmakers have just days to wrap up 2018’s work

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