Monday, March 12, 2018

Tonight on Marti Oakley's T. S. Radio: Our Thousandth Broadcast Celebrated!

Please feel free to call in to the show this evening at 8 pm CST. 917-388-4520

 A special thanks to all of our previous guests and all show hosts!

And, A special thank you to Marcel Reid and the Whistleblowers! Summit for our panel at the Summit again this year! Thank you to Danny Tate for our fabulous intro music. To all who have contributed their time and energy to bring TS Radio to this milestone, you have my deepest gratitude. We could not have been the success we are without all of you and your individual efforts combined together and working as a team! Each show is promoted individually and available in archive on TS Radio/marti-oakley Just look for the logo of your favorite show!

Over these years we have covered guardianship/conservator abuse of the elderly, elder abuse & neglect, nursing home abuses, corrupt courts, CPS threats to families, corrupt government agencies, whistleblowers, our veterans, death by Hospice, medical kidnap, judicial corruption, animal advocacy and agricultural/land issues.

We could not have accomplished all of this without all of you!!

LISTEN to the show live or listen to the archive later


B Inberg said...

Looking forward to tonight's program I'll be listening.

Thank you Marti! and your team.

StandUp said...

Thank you for all you do for this cause, Marti Oakley. I try to listen to all of your shows and I enjoy them too.