Thursday, May 31, 2018

Attorney Accused of Stealing Millions Surrenders

The local attorney accused of stealing millions in settlement funds from his own injured clients has turned himself into police.

It was those injured clients expecting thousands in insurance payouts who tipped off investigators that attorney William “Bill” Snipes was allegedly pocketing all the money and suddenly no where to be found until this past Sunday.

According to a source with first hand knowledge of the case, Bill Snipes turned himself into police on the advice of his out of town defense attorney ten days after his brother was taken into custody at a little league baseball game in Harris County.

Bill Snipes had been a well known local attorney for more than three decades when clients started to emerge this past January with horror stories about severe injuries, mounting medical bills and millions in insurance payouts missing, along with Snipes.

“It’s pretty bad when you put your faith and trust in a lawyer, a ‘prominent attorney’ and they do this to you. I want to see him go to jail. I’d like to go visit him,” said Birdie Watford

We contacted Watford to let her know Snipes was now in the Muscogee County jail charged with three counts of felony theft by taking.

Using expletives Watford echoed the sentiments of other victims demanding their money back.

The initial victims who stepped forward are the tip of the iceberg according to financial crimes detectives who are now examining nearly two dozen claims against the disgraced attorney.
Since a First News investigation first aired, several more victims have come forward.

The brother of Bill Snipes, Malcolm Snipes was also charged in connection to the case after detectives said he withdrew thousands from a trust account intended for those injured clients.

Malcolm Snipes also remains in jail on a $125,000 bond.

Bill Snipes is scheduled to appear in Recorder’s Court Wednesday morning.

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Attorney Accused of Stealing Millions Surrenders

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