Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Alabama: Elder Exploitation Results in Felony Supervision Sentence

A Franklin County woman accused of taking advantage of and exploiting an elderly Florence man will serve her sentence in felony supervision.

Sharon Leigh Gruber, 43, was sentenced to 31 months after pleading guilty to second-degree elder exploitation.

Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Gil Self sentenced her to 31 months to be served in the Lauderdale County Community Corrections Program.

She must pay back $1,073 in restitution to the victim.

Self ordered her not to have any contact with the victim, and placed her in the assign-a-highway program for a year.

“We take that seriously," Self said of the highway program. "If you don’t clean that mile of roadway up, you will have violated the terms of your agreement, and you will go to prison,” Self said.

Police said Gruber is accused of taking advantage of the kindness of a 74-year-old Florence man.

“Apparently, she was homeless at the time and he took her in. Then, after a few weeks, she took advantage of him,” said Florence police detective Wes Gargis.

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Elder exploitation results in felony supervision sentence

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StandUp said...

I think Alabama is one of the toughest states on financial exploitation of the elderly. Good!