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Carl DeBrodie was killed by injuries from forced fighting, court documents reveal graphic details

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FULTON, Mo. - New allegations released in a civil lawsuit reveal Carl DeBrodie was forced to physically fight another resident for the "benefit and amusement of Paulo and her family," those events eventually causing his death. Sherry Paulo was the manager of Second Chance Homes, where Carl was living before he died.

As a result of these forced fighting engagements, Carl suffered serious injuries, including at least six broken ribs. Carl also regularly suffered black eyes and other bruising.

Sometime after October 25, 2016, but before November 24, 2016, Carl and a resident stayed overnight at Paulo's residence to sleep in the basement on the concrete floor. During the middle of the night, Anthony Flores, Paulo's husband and employee of Second Chance homes, was awakened by Carl's scream. Carl was found unresponsive and convulsing on the floor of the basement, appearing to have a seizure.

Documents say instead of calling 911 or other emergency assistance, Flores and the resident carried Carl upstairs and placed him in a bathtub with the shower running. Carl was bleeding from his nose and mouth and continued to convulse in the bathtub. Documents say "no life-saving measures were attempted that night with respect to Carl, Carl died as a result of the episode. Carl remained in the bathtub for two or three days until he was ultimately placed into the City of Fulton trash can, encased in concrete, and placed into a storage unit."

Court documents say for several months leading up to October 2016, Sherry Paulo, group home manager would regularly and frequently take Carl and another facility resident to overnight at her own personal residence in Fulton. Paulo allegedly forced Carl to stay at her own personal residence, require him to perform manual, unpaid labor around her home.

Carl and another resident were forced to stay and sleep in Paulo's basement, where no beds or mattresses were provided.

On April 17, 2017, the Fulton Police Department received a missing report for Carl, who had gone missing from the Facility.

Due to the decomposition of Carl's body, it was determined he had been missing and/or deceased for several months before the missing person report was filed.

The names below are the defendants in the case:
  • Second Chance Homes of Fulton, LLC
    • Rachael Rowden, Owner
    • Sherry Paulo, Manager
    • Anthony Flores, Sr., Employee and husband of Paulo
  • Callaway County Public Administrator's Office
    • Karen Digh Allen, Callaway County Public Administrator
    • Robin Rees Love, Employee
  • Missouri Department of Mental Health
    • Mark Stringer, Director
  • Missouri Department of Mental Health - Division of Developmental Disabilities
    • Valerie Huhn, Director
    • Wendy Witcig, Deputy Director, Community Operations
    • Marcy Volner, Assistant Director of Central Region
    • Wendy Davis, Director of Central Missouri Regional Office
  • Callaway County Special Services (CCSS)
    • Julia Kaufmann, Executive Director
    • Melissa Delap, Employee and Carl's community RN
    • Tiffany Keipp, Employee and Carl's case manager
Keipp and Delap were required to report to appropriate authorities, including the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Mental Health Division of Disabilities, any suspicions or allegations of physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, or neglect of Carl, and also any misuse of Carl’s funds or property.

For several months leading up to Carl’s reported disappearance, Allen, Love, Keipp,Rowden and Paulo prevented the plaintiffs in the case, Carolyn Summers and Carol Samson, from seeing or visiting with Carl.

Instead of conducting the required face-to-face contact, Keipp and Delap made false reports saying that face-to-face contact was made with Carl.

In her false reports, Keipp said she had made face-to-face contact with Carl in October 2016, November 2016, December 2016, January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017. None of these meetings took place.

Delap said in her false report she had made face-to-face contact with Carl in October 2016, November 2016, December 2016, January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017. These meetings also never took place.

In 2016, Second Chance, Rowden, Paulo and Delap did not submit consistent monthly reports about Carl to Keipp, CCSS, Allen, Love and the Public Administrator.

Keipp and Love did not make contact with Carl to check on his health and well-being, even though Paulo reported Carl was not in good health.

Keipp and Love were aware of verbal abuse towards Carl, but didn't report it. They were also aware of physical abuse occurring between Carl and another resident that they didn't report.

Rowden, Paulo, Keipp, Delap and Love waited several months to report Carl’s disappearance so they could continue to receive and collect state and federal monies for the provision of residential services for Carl, according to the court document.

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Carl DeBrodie was killed by injuries from forced fighting, court documents reveal graphic details

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