Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are Regulators Cracking Down on Elder Abuse Medicare Fraud?

California State health insurance regulators are cracking down on insurance brokers who prey on elderly consumers confused by new federal health insurance rules.

On Tuesday, the Department of Managed Health Care took steps to bar a Folsom insurance agent from selling Medicare Advantage plans after she allegedly defrauded at least 12 capital-area seniors, who then incurred thousands of dollars in unexpected medical bills.

The agent, identified by state officials as Nadia King, allegedly canceled the existing Medicare coverage of her clients and enrolled them in Medicare Advantage plans run by private insurers.

King could not be reached for comment. She has until the end of the month to appeal the decision to revoke her privilege to sell Medicare Advantage products.

She is one of two dozen agents across the state getting legal scrutiny because of what officials said was deceptive marketing aimed at seniors.

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Are Regulators Cracking Down on Elder Abuse Medicare Fraud?


  1. Greed has no low threshold.

  2. Lawyers getting rich off the backs of the elderly and then forcing them from Medicare to Medicaid (at taxpayer expense) is FRAUD.