Friday, November 8, 2019

Tonight on Marti Oakley's TS Radio Network: "In the Mix" with Coz and Marti

7 CST:

Join us this evening as Coz & Marti discuss several issues that have popped up in the news recently.

Q: Are predatory guardians in reality, serial killers?
A: It would appear so! And they collect trophies from their victims! Just like all serial killers they like little mementos, personal to the victim, to keep as treasures to enable them to relive their crimes.

And what’s up with the Ottholes? Coz will be delivering all the news that is news on this band of merry thieves and liars.

Also, we have noted that many of these predators hide themselves behind some church. Perfect cover! How could we suspect them of anything so horrendous? After all, they are sitting right there in the front row of the church! This is a very common tactic for sociopaths and psychopaths. They hide behind churches and portray themselves as highly regarded members of the community. They secure connections to other high profile people in the community. How could you ever suspect them of anything?

More news from Alaska and Coz will be reporting on a huge case in Wisconsin that's about to go to trial.

So much to talk about! So little time!

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