Sunday, May 2, 2021

With Power and Money at Stake, Legal Guardianship Industry Thrives on Elder Abuse

by Mike Huckabee

Source: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Mudslinging and character assassination is an expected part of politics. It’s what you signed up for. Running for public office means opening yourself up to intrusive probings into your personal life, hit jobs from political reporters, and even attacks on your close friends and family members. 

These types of dirty tricks, common in politics should be nowhere near our legal guardianship systems. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The legal system is supposed to provide a refuge of justice and protection for the innocent and the abused. It should never be used as a weapon to steal an unsuspecting person from their hard-earned possessions as well as their dignity. 

Jan Garwood, 70, of Longwood, FL, was deemed to be incapacitated and placed under guardianship after being injured in an automobile accident while grieving the death of her son. She soon found herself an “inmate” at a locked-down memory care unit called the Palms of Longwood Assisted Living Facility in Seminole County.

Unsure where to turn for help, Garwood used a cell phone smuggled into the facility by a family member, to post a plea for help on social media. Garwood contacted WFTS ABC Action News I-Team, via Facebook, after watching their series on Florida’s broken guardianship system - The Price of Protection.  (Click to continue reading)

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