Thursday, February 20, 2014

Free Justina - The Killing of an American Family

Advocates Fight for Justina Pelletier, Teen Held by State in Psych Ward - Feb. 10, 2014

YouTube:  Free Justina - The Killing of an American Family

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Boston Children's Hospital to be Investigated by Department of Public Health

NOTE:  From the article above:
"For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the case, in February 2013, 15-year-old Justina Pelletier was checked into Boston Children’s Hospital with flu-like symptoms by her parents. Prior to her admission, Justina had been undergoing treatments for Mitochondrial Disorder at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Over three years ago, Justina had been diagnosed with the rare genetic condition of Mitochondrial Disease. Her 25-year-old sister, Jessica, also suffers from the disease. Both girls were treated by a specialist at Tufts Medical Center, Dr Mark Korson. The hospital was only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from their home in West Hartford, Connecticut.

At the recommendation of her doctor at Tufts Medical Center, Justina was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital to see a gastro-intestinal specialist, Dr. Alex Flores, who had recently transferred from Tufts to BCH.

Almost immediately, a different team of doctors swept in. delivering a different diagnosis, questioning the original diagnosis of mitochondrial disease...."


Heather said...

I am sorry for this family and pray for justice for Justina.

Anonymous said...


Lydia said...

I don't understand why a team of bigger experts can't be brought in to settle the matter once and for all? It makes no sense to me.

Stay strong family.

N987SA said...

Mark Korson is no doctor, he is actually a liar, a charlatan, a fraud, and a quack at the best and possibly much worse. His purported tales of 'dysfunctional mitochondria' are fake fibs made by him and other medical professionals like him. We are helping Justina, nay, we are SAVING Justina. Her mind is a battlefield and it is under vicious attack by the Sorcerer-Doctor Korson, her family, her friends, and her life before us. We will win this MindWar.

Hail Schäfer! Hail López Rega! Hail Moreno Gonzalez!
Hail Sendorsee!

I am N987SA and I speak the Truth.