Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Memory of Weber

On behalf of Karen's family members and attorney: "Karen Weber’s heavenly father called her home to her eternal reward on the evening of September 17, 2008. Her family knows she is in a better place. We look forward to meeting up with her again someday, but until then, she will be greatly missed as she was dearly loved by all of us."

Karen Weber, the women at the center of a Terri Schiavo-like dispute, passed away apparently of "natural causes." Weber suffered a seizure and then a stroke and has been between an Okeechobee nursing home and a hospital. At the center of the dispute between family members was whether she was initially able to make decisions about her own care since her vocal cords were paralyzed when she had the stroke.

Ray Weber, Karen's husband of 34 years, sought to have her feeding tube removed and transferred to hospice. Weber's mother, who maintained at the time that she was alert and responsive indicated she did not believe Karen would want her feeding tube removed and filed for and received an injunction to prevent Ray Weber from proceeding.

Since that time Weber's health problems became more severe and a judge granted Weber's husband temporary guardianship reversing an earlier decision granting her mother guardianship. The hearing determining her competency was postponed.

Despite the guardianship order, an injunction the judge issued to prohibit the feeding tube's removal remained in place.

Full Article and Source:
Okeechobee woman at center of Schiavo-like case dies of 'natural causes'

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Relatives Claim Retaliation

Relatives who claim woman was abused say director barred them from facility

Relatives of a patient at the state-run Emily P. Bissell Hospital say hospital officials are retaliating against them for placing a "Nanny Cam" in the hospital room -- which recorded incidents of patient abuse -- by continuing to bar them from the hospital.

When Florance MacDonald and her sister suspected their 75-year-old aunt was being mistreated by staff at Bissell, they concealed a motion-sensitive video camera last month in their aunt's room. One of the incidents it captured shows an angry Bissell staffer yelling at their bedridden aunt, and slapping at her hands and face while she pleads for help.

Public Health director Dr. Jaime "Gus" Rivera, who is responsible for Bissell and two other state-run facilities, said: "The wrongdoings rose to the level of abuse -- both physical and mental -- sometimes both."

MacDonald and her sister hand-delivered a DVD of several incidents to the state's Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection -- the agency that monitors the welfare of nursing-home residents and investigates allegations of patient abuse.

But neither Long Term Care nor Bissell officials nor Rivera took action until earlier this month, after The News Journal began investigating the family's claims.

MacDonald and her sister haven't seen their aunt since Aug. 13 when Bissell Director Sue Mitchell told them in an e-mail they were no longer allowed in the facility.

Full Article and Source:
Family kept from seeing aunt at Bissell

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Adele's Victimization

In an attempt to reach and help as many people as possible with the true story of Adele's victimization of elderly abuse and fraud, it has been decided to post the book "Marked For Destruction" in its entirety for free reading by any visitor to the site.

On behalf of Adele's friends, Chris and Patricia Zurillo, whose photo is displayed on the site and linked to this posting, it is felt that the importance and timeliness of this story warrants making it as available as possible. It is inconsistent with that goal to withhold its availability for the sake of its sale in PDF format for $5.49. The book in print will remain available as a retail purchase.

Please feel free to direct anyone or any organization to this site that may be helped by Adele's story.

Most Sincerely,

JP Products
Juno Pressman

FREE From Adele's Neighbors: Click Here To Read Her Entire Book

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Depleted Guardianship Estate

The estate of Vicki Peterson is suing the Department of Human Services, alleging that her financial assets were depleted during a guardianship.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the estate whose personal representative is Carl R. Peterson, her husband.

The filing in Tulsa County District Court alleges a conspiracy to defraud Vicki Peterson, "a vulnerable adult," of money and property.

Defendants in the civil action include the state Department of Human Services; Debra Roberts, a DHS employee identified as an Adult Protective Services specialist; and Judith Upjohn, in whose home Vicki Peterson lived.

The suit, filed by lawyer Wendell Clark, also alleges negligence and breach of a duty on the part of DHS and Roberts in failing to protect Vicki Peterson's property and assets.

The suit requests an unspecified amount of damages — exceeding $10,000 — and an accounting of Vicki Peterson's income and expenses while DHS was her guardian.

Clark said: "The purpose of the suit is to bring an uncooperative DHS into the light."

Vicki Peterson died in January. She was 71.

Full Article and Source:
Estate drained during guardianship, suit alleges

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Judge Freezes Investment Account

Guardianship management questioned; hearing to be held

A Circuit Court judge has frozen an investment account of town chairman Jeff Long related to his guardianship of an estate, pending an evidentiary hearing into allegations of conflicts of interest and rendering undeserved economic benefits to family members, particularly to his sister Cheryl Long.

The petitioner, Kathleen Johnsen, who is also Long's ex-wife as well as a beneficiary in the estate, asserted in court papers that Long abused his power as the personal representative of the estate of the late Christabel Sarley.

She is seeking Long's removal as personal representative as well as reimbursement by Long of $378,761.13. Johnsen is also asking the court to direct Cheryl Long to reimburse Sarley's estate a substantial sum of money.

The discovery report maintains that over 14 years, without proper disclosure, Long favored a joint account Sarley had with his sister at the expense of Sarley's solely owned account.

Between July 1, 1992, and Sarley's death on Sept. 26, 2006, the report alleges, Sarley's account with Long's sister Cheryl grew in value by more than 295 percent, from $323,085 to $955,455, while Sarley's solely owned account plunged in value by 74percent, from $275,166 to $70,060.

After Sarley's death, the report asserts, about $378,761 of the $955,455 was transferred to an account in Jeff Long's sole name - it is that account Nielsen halted any further distribution from or contributions to pending the hearing - while the remaining assets, or $568,332.95, were transferred to an account in Cheryl Long's name.

The discovery report states that the net funds available for distribution to Sarley's heirs from her solely owned account totaled less than $51,000.

Full Article and Source:
Judge freezes account of Boulder Junction town chairman

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Study on Elder Abuse

A new study conducted at the University of Chicago concludes that nearly 13 percent of America's older adults suffer some form of abuse.

* 9 percent reported they have suffered from verbal mistreatment
* 3.5 percent from financial mistreatment
* 0.2 percent from physical mistreatment

The team of researchers, headed by Edward O. Laumann, Ph.D., based their findings on interviews with more than 3,000 community-dwelling residents aged 57 to 85.

Laumann said: "The population of the country is aging, and people now live with chronic diseases longer, So it is important to understand, from a health perspective, how people are being treated as they age."

According to the study, older adults who are physically impaired are particularly susceptible to abuse. They are 13 percent more likely to experience verbal mistreatment than those without similar handicaps. Females are nearly twice as likely to report verbal mistreatment, but no higher level of financial mistreatment, than men.

* Most abused older adults report that the mistreatment was perpetrated by someone other than a member of their immediate family.
* More than half said the mistreating party was someone other than a spouse, parent or child.
* 26 percent identified their spouse or romantic partner as the person responsible.
* A total of 56 percent of those who reported financial mistreatment said that someone other than a member of their immediate family was responsible.

At the federal level, the issue is also being recognized. U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, said, "Our nation has for far too long turned its back on the shame of elder abuse."

Full Article and Source:
Barbara Quirk: Elder abuse on rise, but so is response