Saturday, March 1, 2008

Help Free Nancy

This is the happy face of 31 year old severely autistic Nancy Golin, the light of her parents’ eyes, a treasure since the day she was born, a special gift from God.

Years later, after being ripped from the loving arms of her parents, isolated from them, and held as a captive Ward of the State, Nancy’s health and spirit are fading.

She has no rights, not even the right to see her parents. She is afraid, confused, she wants to go home; and she can’t understand why she can’t.

If you read her story, you won’t understand either. Nancy’s health and safety are in crisis. She has suffered severe injuries and trauma while in the "care" of SARC and every day, she slips a little more away.

Governor Schwarzenegger can save her by executive order – one phone call and he can save her life.

Your telephone call or e mail may persuade him to make the call! Please call or e mail Cynthia Bryant, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs and tell her you want Governor Schwarzenegger to Free Nancy!

(916) 445-4341

The San Andreas Regional Center (SARC), where Nancy is confined, is located at 858 Leith Ave., Santa Clara, California.

For complete details of the tragic nightmare Nancy Golin and her family have suffered and somehow have endured over the anguishing years, visit:

Free Nancy Golin

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Call Kurtis: A Life Hijacked

If you suddenly found someone else's name on your accounts, getting your mail and taking apart your life, you'd probably figure your identity had been stolen. But a Sacramento woman found what happened to her is legal, and could happen to nearly anybody.

Kurtis Ming has been looking into this.

Mary Jane Mann says the people threatening her don't wear masks, or carry guns. They wear suits, drive nice cars, and have turned a law designed to protect seniors and the disabled into a club. "They said because papers have been filed, you are incompetent."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who's the Boss?

What a Court-Appointed Conservator Really Means:

They are supposed to guard the fortunes of your family members — but find out how court-appointed conservators can con your loved ones out of their home, bank accounts, credit cards and everything they possess.

Source and Video:

The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

M and J Show

In Memoriam - Stephanie Hordijuk

Stephanie Hordijuk

May 11, 1912- Oct 28, 2006

My Grandparents often traveled from the Ukraine to the United States , and on one visit, my Mother, Stephanie, was born in NYC.

When the war started, my Mother was living in Bratislava , Czechoslovakia . The Red Army was coming and was roughly 90 miles away. My parents packed a suitcase and escaped, taking the last cattle car before the bombs fell. (My father was in the Ukrainian army and held a high position in the Ministry and the family would have been sent to Siberia.)

That was the first time my Mother lost all her treasured things. It took one year to travel to Bremenhaven, Germany to get a boat that my Grandfather had arranged for the family to go to the US where my Mother was a US citizen. We had very little to eat and looked like we had come from a camp.

My parents started again in a walk up apartment. My Mom was going to night school and working in a sweat shop making flowers for hats. My father, an engineer, washed dishes until he could get an engineering job.

My Mother was very good with hats and finally worked for Miss Mary. At that time, women wore hats and Miss Mary’s hats ended up in Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC and many fine stores. One of Miss Mary’s clients was Jackie Kennedy.

My Mother had a hard life, she worked hard for her money and saved what she could. When she got older, my ex-brother wanted her in assisted living in FL and wanted to sell her house. He drugged her and took her to FL without my knowledge. With a “separate agent power of attorney”, he transferred all of Mother’s money under his and Mother’s name.

I snuck my Mother out of FL and back to her home. He told me if I wanted the money for Mother, I’d have to take him to court. "I am Mother's financial advisor", he said, so I had to apply for guardianship to get at Mother's funds for her to live on and also pay her bills.Mother was afraid he’d take her again.

Instead of appointing me as Mother's guardian, the court s put a guardian third party guardian (a stranger) in place.But my big question is, who guards the guardian? So far, I can’t find the answer. The guardian was not a protector but instead was a predator.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Investigators: The Power of One

Imagine someone locking you out of your own house, controlling your checkbook, deciding how much spending money you should get each month. That's what happens when a conservator or guardian is appointed. Trish Van Pilsum and the FOX 9 Investigators share the struggles of several families who say these people have too much power.

My Fox Twin Cities

Monday, February 25, 2008

Guardian Gets Jailed

Anne L. Chavis, pleaded guilty to stealing from a disabled veteran under her care while working as a court-appointed conservator. She was sentenced to a year in jail and ordered to pay $92,000 in restitution to eight clients. The fine represents a fraction of the money she controlled for her clients but never accounted for.

Chavis, a former nurse and active churchgoer, ran a boarding home for disabled veterans before federal officials tapped her to become a conservator. Had they investigated her background, they would have discovered that Chavis had filed for bankruptcy and been accused by the nursing board of neglecting clients at a nursing home while she slept in a patient bed. Instead, they gave her dozens of cases, which were rubber-stamped by judges in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

For years, the Los Angeles County court system failed to notice that she didn't file legally required financial reports. Court officials finally stripped her of her powers. But between $500,000 and $1 million of her clients' money has never been accounted for, said John Mickus, a probate lawyer and conservator whom the court asked to step in.

Mickus said Veterans Affairs officials have agreed to reimburse missing money not covered by financial bonds paid by Chavis' clients because federal law holds them liable.

"They can hardly say they weren't negligent," Mickus said, "because they were giving her new cases at the same time they were citing her for contempt in other cases."