Thursday, August 28, 2014

In Retaliation for a Downtown Protest, Cook County Public Guardian's Office Evicts Senior Citizen, Sets Family's Belongings on the Curb

As employees with the Cook County Public Guardian's office remove Mildred Willis' belongings from her Calumet Park home, her neighbors and supporters from across the city are currently rallying to keep the Willis family in their home. These efforts to stop the Willis family's eviction come one week after they rallied downtown outside the offices of the Public Guardians office, calling for Mildred Willis to be released from the Renaissance nursing home and allowed to return home.

"I can't believe they are doing this," exclaimed Stacy Willis, Mildred Willis' daughter. "My mother is still in the nursing home. Where am I supposed to put her things? Where are my son and I supposed to go?"

On August 25th, Stacy Willis and other family members rallied outside of the Cook County Public Guardians office to deliver more than three thousand petitions calling on the Public Guardians to halt their efforts to evict the Willis family and to return Mildred Willis to her home. In response to this demonstration, the head of the Public Guardians office, Robert F. Harris offered to meet with Mildred Harris' family and after meeting, to look into their complaints.

However, instead of working with the Willis family, the Public Guardians directed the Cook County Sheriff's office to evict them at gunpoint. While changing the locks on their Calumet Park home, the Public Guardians office promised that Mildred Willis' belongings would not be set out on the street and that they would have an opportunity to arrange to have their belongings picked up by a moving truck. 

Rather than following through on this agreement, the Public Guardians office began removing all of the Willis family belongings this morning, the day after their eviction. When Mildred's daughter inquired as to why this would be the case, the Public Guardian's office informed them that even though they had no way of moving their belongings that "this is the way it was going to be."

For the Willis family, this doubles the pain of having to deal with being forcibly evicted from their home. Not only is the family in a situation where they had to sleep in a police station because they had no place to go, now they face the prospect of having all of their possessions stolen or ruined by the rain simply because the Cook County Public Guardians office would not allow them to make arrangements to collect their belongings.

In Retaliation for a Downtown Protest, Cook County Public Guardians Office Evicts Senior Citizen, Sets Family's Belongings on the Curb


Thelma said...

Guard, protect, and conserve. That is the function of the public guardian. Why is this Public Guardian allowed to remain in office?

Anonymous said...

We don't have all the details on this family, but really!

What exactly was the rush to toss this family's belongings on the curb and leave behind an empty house? What was the point, exactly?

Was there a court hearing? Couldn't the family members just pay rent to stay in the house?

What would this elderly lady in the nursing facility have wanted? Did her wishes, or the LAW regarding least restrictive alternative, ever enter into the equation?

Kathleen said...

Despicable guardian!!! The guardian should be removed!

Betty said...

Retaliation? You bet. And they do it with impunity.

B Inberg said...

Another fine example of: The guardianship probate CARTEL running the courtroom, destroying lives and the judges who are going along with the harsh cruel business as usual in this case the Chicago Cook County way.

You the taxpayers are funding this think about it your hard earned money, your tax dollars used to destroy lives via the court and in this case by COOK COUNTY PUBLIC GUARDIAN'S OFFICE funded by your tax dollars.

Guardianships & Conservatorships end up divorcing the "ward" the "protected person" from everything and everyone they knew and cared about in their pre-protection life including:
1) spouses ie husbands and wives
2) partners in non traditional unions and marriages
3) children
4) grandchildren
5) great grandchildren
6) friends & associates and
8) pets

If this protection plan sounds fair and good to you God Bless You cause you will need it for your last days of your loved ones lives, for your lives. Now add in activities here in this press release that is played out every day around this sorry nation.

QUESTION: Why isn't this situation in main stream news? Hmmmm another sorry example of main stream news media and press living up to: silence ~~ see nothing know nothing hear nothing report nothing running to hit the nearest exit door.

WARNING to any/all family, relatives living in a potential ward's residence. Which leads to the isolation of the "ward" limiting or banning contact with people from their lives and when the "ward" is acting out or anxious about the big changes in their lives well that triggers more DRUGGING til death do they part. YOU are looking in the mirror. Don't like what you see or read? Well do something about it - get active join NASGA volunteers now ~~ you can and will make a difference.

Alan said...

I hope the public rises up in outrage. This is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

An investigation of the Cook County Public Guardian is in order!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend whose parents were wards of the Cook County Public Guardian. Her mother had dementia, her father was healthy, but was unable to speak to family finances as his wife had always handled them., thus he was guardianized along with his wife.

Enter the Cook County Public Guardian... their homes were sold, and all of their family photos were THROWN AWAY! The wards' daughter cared for her parents, but the Public Guardian would not provide her with any funds for housing, food, or diapers for her mother.

The family's finances were depleted by the Public Guardian while the family struggled financially to make ends meet.