Tuesday, January 13, 2015

95 Year-Old WW 2 Hero Liberated from Exploiter/Guardian Jared Shafer, Celebrates New Year with Family

On September 23, 2010, WW 2 hero Guadalupe Olvera, then 91, ordered his daughter Becky and son-in-law Bob Schultz to rescue him from the quasi-legal guardianship of Las Vegas for-hire "guardian" Jared E. Shafer of Professional Fiduciaries of Southern Nevada (PFSN).

Guadalupe and his late wife Carmela moved to Sun City Anthem several years before her death, leaving family and friends in California, lured by promises made in glossy brochures sent to them by Del Webb Corporation.

Weeks after Carmela's passing, it was revealed that the Olveras were wealthy. appointed Clark County Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim was notified, and Guadalupe was immediately made a ward of the court and assigned PFSN guardians Jared Shafer and Patience Bristol (Bristol is now in Nevada State Prison for elder exploitation.)

Pleading in open court to be allowed to move back to Santa Cruz, California to spend his final years with his loving family (link to video transcript below), Norheim complied with the wishes of Shafer who had by then converted over $300,000.00 of Olvera's savings for his own use, and ignored Olvera's plea.

Olvera went into action, and within days of his family's compliance with his order to move him out of Nevada, Clark County Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin who appointed Norheim, issued a warrant for Becky Schultz' arrest.

Then, using funds he withdrew from Olvera's Las Vegas Wells Fargo bank account, Jared Shafer paid his over priced attorneys in Las Vegas to fight to have Olvera returned against his will to Nevada to be placed into a rest home of Shafer's choice.

The Schultz' went to court in California, and a Superior Court Judge their ruled that Olvera was competent to handle his own affairs, and removed Shafer as his guardian. With Shafer removed and his civil rights fully restored, Mr. Olvera has lived happily and healthfully for the past five years in the home of his only child Becky, while enjoying yearly honors bestowed on him by chapters of the Santa Cruz County VFW and other veterans groups as Santa Cruz County's oldest living veteran.

Olvera has also filed a federal law suit against Shafer to try to recover his converted assets.

Had Olvera not been liberated from Shafer's exploitation, he would have lost his half million dollar home in Sun City Anthem, his savings, and his life expectancy would probably have been less than six months while confined to a rest home hundreds of miles away from his family and friends.

At the next Nevada Legislature, a bill will be presented to limit the unfettered power of court appointed guardians over the persons and fortunes of wealthy retirees who have the misfortune of losing a spouse while living in Southern Nevada away from family members. The law will allow relatives who live outside Nevada to, for the first time, become the judiciaries for their loved ones living in our state.

Up until "Shafer's Law" is repealed, no one living outside Nevada could manage the assets of a parent or relative who is deemed a ward of the court after the loss of a spouse, opening the way for unscrupulous private guardians and guardianship commissioners to bilk the senior's fortune while out of state relatives helplessly watch this occur under color of Nevada law.

95 Year-Old WW2 Hero Liberated From Exploiter/Guardian Jared Shafer, Celebrates New Year With Family

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James said...

He wouldn't be here if his daughter had not rescued him.

Glen said...

Congratulations Olvera family and I hope and pray Jared Shafer is held accountable for he did to this family.