Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Linda Kincaid Reports: Assisted living facility conceals elder abuse, neglect, medication error

Community Care Licensing cited San Bernardino County, CA assisted living facility Wildwood Canyon Villa for neglecting to give a resident needed pain medication. The December 17, 2012 investigation report stated:
Executive Director stated that on 11/27/2012, R#1 complained of increased pain in her back and legs. The facility nurse called American Medical Response to transport R#1 to Redlands Community Hospital ER. It was reported to the paramedics [that] pain patch was dated 11/16/2012 and R#1 was due a new patch on 11/19/2012, but was not applied due to medication error by facility.
[Executive Director] Ms. Alvarado stated she informed the family but failed to inform the physician of the medication error.
Based on interviews with Executive Director, staff, family member and residents, the above allegation that resident did not receive medication as ordered is deemed SUBSTANTIATED.
Wildwood has a history of residents requiring emergency room treatment due to elder abuse and neglect by facility staff. In 2011, a male resident was neglected to the point that his catheter was blocked for two days. The resident’s daughter said his abdomen was so distended that he appeared nine months pregnant. He was clutching his penis and screaming in pain. At the emergency room, he released nearly a quart of dark brown urine. He died from urosepsis the following day.

In 2012, a female resident required ambulance transport to the emergency room for vaginal bleeding and genital trauma. Caregiver notes show the resident was terrified of a male caregiver who worked alone at night. The resident fought, screamed, and begged for help. She told her daughter, “I will not marry that man.” Wildwood staff administered Ativan, Seroquel, and Haldol to “control agitation.” Executive Director Lynnette Alvarado said that Wildwood did not investigate the possibility of repeated sexual assaults.

Shortly after the resident’s vaginal bleeding and genital trauma, Wildwood transferred the resident to another facility and terminated the male caregiver. When the male caregiver was asked under oath if he sexually assaulted the resident, he exercised his Fifth Amendment right and refused to answer the question. 

Community Care Licensing allows Wildwood Canyon Villa to continue operating. The citations for neglect and abuse did not carry any monetary penalties. The male caregiver went on to work for other assisted living facilities and in-home care services.

Families who suspect that a loved one may have been sexually assaulted by a male caregiver can contact this Examiner at

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Assisted living facility conceals elder abuse, neglect, medication error


Betty said...

Linda, your reporting sets a strong record against this facility. Thank you.

Steve said...

Looks like that facility indeed has a history. Thank you for reporting.