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Medicide: Trafficking the Elderly and the Use of Neuroleptics to Cause Dementia and Early Death

10252043_631709193589576_7022154908430043279_nOver 60? Got assets? You could be the next victim of a predatory guardian and a cadre of attorney’s, APS agents, social services agents, all looking to fill their quarterly quota’s or their personal bank accounts. Your crime? Aging with assets! And they want them!

While there is a concerted effort to convince the public that family or friends are abusing and exploiting an elderly person, the fact is that 3-5 billion is estimated to be stolen from seniors via professional fiduciary’s and those they work with, every year. These people are strangers to the family and the victim and their only real interest is availing themselves of as much of the estate as possible in as short amount of time as possible.

Every effort is made to make sure the public believes that in these instances of involuntary guardianship, no family member was willing to accept the care of the elder victim. This might be true in some cases, but for most it is the refusal of the probate judge to allow a family member to assume this position. After all, if a family member is guardian, the professional predator is not able to access the assets.

Abduct, Isolate, Medicate, Terminate

Drugging the elderly held hostage in a participating nursing home (warehouse) is standard procedure. It serves several purposes.
1.) It stops the victim from complaining about abuse,
2.) It reduces the amount of time the staff will spend caring for the victim,
3.) It prevents the victim reporting the abuses and lack of care to outside sources.
4.) It allows nursing home owners to short the staff in the facility to increase profits.
5.) it makes the targeted victim appear to actually be in a state of dysfunction and unable to discern even the most trivial of things.
6.) It allows for the use of massive amounts of neuroleptic medications to be administered without interference. Under the influence of massive doses of brain damaging drugs, the victim appears to be dysfunctional, delusional, and totally without any will of their own. This is just exactly how the predators want them.

Chemical restraints and other abuses
Chemical restraint is the use of neuroleptic, (anti-psychotic, psychotropic) drugs to obtain total submission and control of the victim. These drugs render the elderly victim unable to function normally. But the effects of these drugs on elderly patients have a far more devastating effect.
From Antipsychotic brain damage in those with dementia (especially Lewy Body) People diagnosed with dementia are especially sensitive to neuroleptics (also known as antipsychotics). In a way, these folks are the ‘canary in the coal mine,’ because an antipsychotic can cause rapid and significant brain changes, including neuroleptic malignant syndrome (which can be fatal). Especially hypersensitive are those with a variety of dementia where the brain has something called “Lewy Bodies” (which are visible under microscopic examination of the brain. More than one millions Americans have Dementia with Lewy Bodies, or DLB. Here’s a UK General Practice Notebook plainly explaining the dangers of neuroleptics and dementia. These dangers can apply to everyone, but they are especially pronounced with people who have DLB. “
The documented research on the effects of neuroleptics on all people, including those exhibiting dementia is staggering. That medical and psychiatric professionals to continue to prescribe these brain damaging drugs without regard for the long or even short-term effects on the elderly, is clearly a crime.

The Lewy Bodies testing that should be done prior to any administration of any neuroleptic drug, is never done. In fact, no testing of any kind is ever done to determine pre-existing diseases, and most assuredly no testing is done to establish the changes in the human brain indicating the presence of dementia at any stage.
From: GP notebook “antipsychotic drugs should be avoided in patients suspected of having dementia with Lewy bodies – in these patients, antipsychotics may precipitate irreversible parkinsonism, further disturb consciousness levels and induce an autonomic disturbance similar to neuroleptic malignant syndrome, and increase mortality rates 2-3 fold (5) “
In addition, the recognized brain damage from neuroleptic drugs does not deter their use, especially on the elderly. These drugs are prescribed with the full knowledge of the irreversible damage they cause. In addition, the use of neuroleptic drugs can cause the onset of parkinson’s disease by causing the same proteins that signal the onset of parkinson’s, to bind together in the brain. Author Kelly O’Meara/CCHR
Furthermore, the use of antipsychotic drugs long has been referred to as a “chemical lobotomy” because they actually can disable normal brain function.  Along with brain shrinkage, antipsychotics also can cause obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.”
A diagnosis of [disease] would be accompanied by medical and scientific evidence. Instead, opinions are rendered using the term [disorder], for which there is no evidence medical or scientific, to substantiate. None is needed, however, due to the fact that a [disorder] is simply the observational opinion for which no evidence exists other than the person making the observation says so. This appears not to be a problem as we have found not one probate court anywhere in the country that has ever asked for, much less received any evidence, other than a talking points type of memo, of the claimed mental deficiencies that would require massive, elephant sized doses of neuroleptic drugs administered routinely to elderly patients.

Too many times we have seen medical doctors and psychiatrists making a diagnosis based on statements of a third-party, never having actually seen the victim in person. Instead of testing the victim for any possible actual diseases such as dementia or Alhzeimer’s, or the possible markers indicating the onset of parkinsonism, the fictional label of [bipolar disorder] is liberally applied to any elder individual caught in the probate court trap. It is a catch all diagnosis of a disorder for which there is no evidence whatsoever that it exists.

You have a complaint? We got a pill for that!

Imperative to the pharmaceutical hurricane that is about to be unleashed on an elder victim, is the participating psychiatrist or medical doctor, either of whom will dispense massive doses of multiple drugs. In fact, it is not uncommon for an elderly victim to be prescribed as few as two and as many as twelve or thirteen drugs simultaneously. While not all doctors or psychiatrists participate in this form of medicide, those that do are very familiar not only to the predatory guardians, but also to the courts. In fact, the same individuals from various interested agencies, firms and practices show up time and again in tandem as elder victims are targeted.  (Read more)

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Medicide: Trafficking the Elderly and the Use of Neuroleptics to Cause Dementia and Early Death


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