Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Elder Abuse Caught on Tape

Warning - this video is very difficult to watch.  Please watch it anyway. Awareness is key to reform!

From Gerald's family:  "GERALD had dementia. GERALD had surgery to remove a brain tumor but his long-term prognosis was not good. He recovers well and post-surgery video shows he is alert and oriented and physically pretty robust. GERALD moves to a Board & Care Facility in Mission Viejo, Ca where his brother is already a resident.

The video shows within days of his admission GERALD has been drugged near the point of unconsciousness and has a fall and is treated horribly by the facility staff.

GERALD eventually had to be sent to the hospital to clear up from his drug-induced haze. From the hospital, GERALD goes to a nursing home where he is again over drugged and has to be hospitalized for an overdose.

In both the Board & Care home, GERALD had hospice care.

Both hospice agencies were sold to the family as an extra set of helping hands but it turned out to be a wall of pain and psych meds. The second hospice company had GERALD on seven (!) psych drugs.

GERALD has passed and all findings of wrongdoing from all the relevant licensing agencies reports are in.

There are many issues, from the caretakers in the video are still working in another facility. The issue we have is the MASSIVE drugging by hospice and caretakers. We are convinced the main goal of care was not quality of life or even palliation. The main goal of care appears to be GERALD'S DEATH.

We want to bring awareness so this doesn't happen to any other person.

GERALD retired 2 times. He was a LT NYFD ladder 149 engine 284, he also was a special advent for the Dept of Defense. He also served his Country. Army"

Elder Abuse Caught on Tape


Anonymous said...

This video made me cry.

Angi said...

I'm just so sorry. I don't know what else to say.

Terry said...

Praying for this family.

StandUp said...

Doctors need to be held accountable for prescribing these drugs.

Is there a lawsuit involved here?