Friday, March 6, 2015

The Vegas Voice, Rana Goodman: Private Guardians vs Family

Rana Goodman,
Political Editor
I would like to give you a brief update on the people I wrote about last month. One is great news, the other, not so much.

If you recall, I wrote of a veteran who had been hospitalized for a short time in California.

He came home and discovered his wife had been placed under the care of a private guardian she neither needed nor wanted. Legal action was instituted after several attempts to rid themselves of the private guardian failed.
Within days after our February “Special Edition” about private guardianships came out, the vet’s attorney was contacted with an offer to drop the opposition’s legal fees from $14,000 to fees from $14,000 to $5,000 – and more importantly, no more guardianship authority or control. A victory indeed.

I’m sorry to say the other family we featured (who were legally kidnapped one evening by their guardian) has not fared as well.

Last month, they were moved from an assisted living facility to a much smaller one. The couple went from a two room apartment to sharing one tiny room.

Visitation with their only child had been limited by their guardian and the mother ended up in the hospital where she currently remains. Her daughter also was hospitalized and is now slowly recovering. Our prayers go out to them and we hope the family can have some semblance of unity soon.

In the interviews we conducted over the past few weeks, I thought about what the “experts” had to say.

Although some of the people were well-meaning, it still hit me that most of the time, the assumption was that the family member was always looking for a way to abuse or steal from the senior, and the guardians were always good and caring.

I feel certain that most of us were raised to honor and respect our elders and we do just that. I believe there are far more people that have cared for their parents and family members (as I have) and, as in the case of child abuse, elder abusers are the minority among family members.

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