Sunday, March 8, 2015

Valley Man Wrestles With Guardianship System

Jason Hanson
Mistake, misunderstanding or intention to mislead? No matter what, one man's life was dramatically changed forever.

Contact 13 shows how a system intended to guard and protect could be causing more harm than good.

When you look at Jason Hanson, you might think he can't take care of himself, but when you talk to him, you learn otherwise.

"I'm clearly lucid. I'm very intelligent. Someone needs to speak up. Someone needs to take a stand."

Jason is speaking out about what happened to him in adult guardianship court, a system Contact 13 discovered he never should have been caught up in.

When Contact 13 started asking questions, the court started admitting errors, like accepting court filings after the court had lost jurisdiction, which they call "unfortunate."

As for treating Jason as an "adult ward" they say they don't know whether that was a clerical error or misunderstanding by the attorneys or an intention to mislead the court.

In Jason's case, no one caught it for seven years until Contact 13 got involved and the case was suddenly closed. While it was open, private guardian and former Clark County Public Administrator Jared Shafer was appointed Trustee from July 2009 through January 2014. A special needs trust was created so Jason could qualify for social security benefits.

"I never asked for Jared Shafer to be appointed," said Jason. "He was court-appointed."

Shafer is currently the subject of a federal lawsuit accusing him of embezzlement, fraud, racketeering and negligence in another case where he was the guardian.

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Valley Man Wrestles With Guardianship System

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Jared E. Shafer

Patience Bristol


Cassel said...

Unfortunate? Really? That's the word the court chose to describe what happened to Jason Hanson under their watch?

Nancy said...

My God, this is outrageous. Now who is going to make all this "unfortunate" misunderstanding to Jason Hanson?

Sylvia said...

The national pattern of operation. Beware and be aware with no accountability obviously deceptive evasive responses to inquiries. Where are the federal agents? What more is needed to show the private cartel is operating as a public cartel all for financial gain and/or job security.

StandUp said...

I watched the video and it was particularly interesting to me because at the first snoop of media, Jason Hanson was freed and Hoskin says the whole thing was unfortunate.

But, I remember Steve Miller doing a video and article about Jason Hanson earlier.

Yet Hoskin asks like he's just now finding out?

He's not a good actor.

Dave said...

Jared Shafer should pay back the cost of the house. The full cost. The court and everybody involved should pay back the monies plus interest. And they should all hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

These crooks should be in JAIL!