Friday, September 11, 2015

Mississippi briefs

Group looks to boost protection of vulnerable adults in state

JACKSON -- A group forming in Jackson plans to improve the way the state of Mississippi protects vulnerable adults.

The Working Interdisciplinary Network of Guardianship Stakeholders -- or WINGS -- will hold its organizational meeting Sept. 18 at the Gartin Justice Building in Jackson.

Ta'Shia Gordon, the deputy director of the state Administrative Office of Courts, says in a news release that the WINGS committee plans to propose court system reforms to support the rights, dignity and autonomy of vulnerable adults, while protecting them from abuse and neglect.

Students at the University of Mississippi School of Law will work with the WINGS Committee. Professor Desiree Hensley and a group of students have volunteered to support the committee's work by providing research and information needed to produce a report and recommendations for reform.

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Mississippi briefs


StandUp said...

Wings sounds good but it's part of the NGA?

B Inberg said...

Good question StandUp I've heard of this organization although I would need to do some digging to refresh my memory.