Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Introduction to Guardianship and Alternatives

In the summer of 2013, a young woman named Jenny Hatch won a landmark legal battle protecting her right to make her own life decisions using supported decision-making instead of being subjected to guardianship. Nationwide, people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities continue to be placed under guardianship, losing their rights to make basic, fundamental decisions like where to live, what to do and who to see.

Supported decision-making (SDM) is an effective, less restrictive alternative to guardianship that uses trusted friends, family members and advocates to give people with disabilities the help they need and want to understand the situations they face and the choices they must make, so they can make their own decisions. SDM shows great promise for increasing self-determination and improving quality of life outcomes.
YouTube: Introduction to Guardianship and Alternatives

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honeybear said...

I hope supported decision making spreads like wildfire!