Sunday, January 31, 2016

Steve Miller: Conspirators Steal Inheritance From 26 Year-Old Cerebral Palsy Victim

Jason Hanson's wheelchair accessible condo sold by Jared Shafer for $47,000 - valued at $147,000.

Shafer stole entire proceeds from sale.

Check for ALL remaining assets issued today.
All but $5,530.74 of the $80,000 trust fund set up by Jason's grandmother was stolen by Shafer, Tyrell, and Fine with full approval of Judge Hoskin and Hearing Master Norheim.

In my opinion, these people are thieves! How dare they rob a man like Jason Hanson, someone who could not defend himself!

If ever there was a clear cut example of RICO (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), this is it.

With the help of two crooked judges, Hoskin and Norheim, mastermind private guardian Jared Shafer and his band of thieves acting as lawyers took total advantage of an innocent young man stricken with quadriplegia.

As the President Emeritus of Opportunity Village, and Chairman Emeritus of Goodwill Industries, I cannot allow such heinous thievery to occur to a person like Jason Hanson.

“The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members.”

For this to occur under the color of law is a disgrace. The above thieves MUST be brought to justice.

~Steve Miller


StandUp said...

Steve Miller, you are my hero!

Anonymous said...

These people are criminals.