Sunday, January 31, 2016

Steve Miller: If You're Appointed as Someone's Trustee, At Least Know Where They Live!

Date: 1/25/2016 8:07:57 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
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Can you please give me your complete address?  I will then mail your check to you and will send it Certified Mail.
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Elyse M. Tyrell, Esq., LL.M, CELA

Attorney Elyse Tyrell has been one of cerebral palsy victim Jason Hanson's Trustees since 2006. She has also been an appointed member of the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission since 2015. 

Since 2006, Tyrell, attorney Francis Fine, and private guardian Jared E. Shafer have been responsible for the safekeeping of an $80,000 interest bearing Charles Schwab custodial account set up Jason's late grandmother for Jason's well being and support. 

When Jason turned 21 in 2010, the proceeds from his account should have been transferred to him including the interest, but his trustees did not let him know where it was, or that it still exists. In my opinion, it was as if they were waiting for him to pass away so they could keep the money.

Last Friday, Jason testified before the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission and asked the whereabouts of his trust.  His testimony and Tyrell's response were broadcast on KTNV TV CH. 13 News.
In response to Jason's inquiry at the hearing, Tyrell acting as a Commissioner went on the record and told Jason that she has his funds at her office and will give them to him "after I deduct my legal fees."  However, at the beginning of her statement, she clearly stated she had provided her services pro-bono.

(Fine and Shafer had already taken their fees totaling over $18,000 from Jason's inheritance.)

Following Jason's receipt of this morning's email from Tyrell with her strange inquiry about where he lives, it will be interesting to see how much of his trust she has preserved for him, and the amount of legal fees she deducts.  Incidentally, Jason has lived in the same group home at taxpayer expense since Jared Shafer sold his father's wheelchair equipped condominium in 2009 at far under market value and kept the proceeds for himself - all under the watchful eye of Elyse Tyrell, Jason Hanson's "Trustee."


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StandUp said...

Elyse Tyrell should be have to pay it all to Jason Hanson, with interest and sanctions. And then she should have to stand in court with her head bowed down in shame.