Monday, February 1, 2016

Arizona: DES Worker Accused of Exploiting a Vulnerable Adult

A DES employee is facing charges after she allegedly helped someone financially exploit a vulnerable adult.

DES Director Timothy Jeffries announced that the Office of Inspector General arrested Marilyn Conlin for her part in the matter.

“Financial exploitation is inexcusable on any level, but when it involves a vulnerable adult it is revolting,” said Director Jeffries. “The fact that this act was allegedly committed by an individual within our agency whose role is to care for the most vulnerable is reprehensible. Any individual who commits such egregious crimes should be held responsible to the fullest extent of the law.”

Through an investigation, the OIG reportedly found evidence that led to the arrest of Conlin. They located Conlin at a DES office and placed her under arrest.

“The Office of Inspector General will invoke the full force of its authority not only to maintain the integrity of DES programs and services but also to protect the clients we serve,” said Inspector General Juan J. Arcellana. “Crimes committed against the vulnerable of whom DES is responsible to serve will not be tolerated.”

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DES Worker Accused of Exploiting a Vulnerable Adult

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Anonymous said...

What a SURPRISE? I can't possibly believe a DES worker in ARIZONA has been caught financially exploiting an elderly. Arizona is such a moral state. What a joke. Bet nothing will even be done to her. Arizona's government workers basically does what ever the hell they want to without any oversight or accountability. All elders should move from Arizona immediately.