Tuesday, February 2, 2016

LETTER: Laws needed to protect elderly

Elder Abuse and Senior Financial Exploitation has grown to an epidemic problem in Arizona. Nearly 14,000 cases of these heinous crimes against the elderly are reported to the Arizona Adult Department of Protective Services every year. The Arizona elder abuse and fraud problems are getting worse.

For five legislative sessions we have been presenting senior protection laws to our Arizona lawmakers without any success. Other states have implemented these laws that we have proposed to better protect their elderly residents. Some of the proposed senior protection laws were:
• Require all caregivers of elderly to have background checks.
• Stop false advertising of phony assisted living facilities.
• Make senior financial exploitation a felony.
• Allow triple damages for the amount of the senior’s losses.
• Reestablish the Silver Haired Legislature.
• Establish toxic mold laws that protects renters.
• Freeze property taxes for the disabled.
• Regulate Elder Care Referral Agencies.
• Establish the elder deathbed law that prevents wrongful transference of wealth.
• Require all financial advisers to report suspected elder financial fraud. 
Arizona was once the foremost retirement destination of the United States. More crimes against the elderly and lax senior protection laws has made Arizona less desirable. More than 1.2 million seniors live in Arizona. They and the new residents 65 years old and older need stronger senior protection laws. Arizona leaders need to make Arizona No. 1 as a retirement destination again.

Please call your state lawmakers and urge them to pass stronger senior protection laws.

Mark and Carol Fairall
Sun City West

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LETTER: Laws needed to protect elderly

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Ronnie said...

Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this letter. Most people complain and that's all they do. Thank you for doing more.