Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Steve Miller: Private Guardian Jared Shafer et al Stole Cerebral Palsy Victim's Inheritance Under Color of Law

On Friday, January 22, a dramatic showdown occurred at a meeting of the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission between 26 year old cerebral palsy victim Jason Hanson and attorney Elyse Tyrell, his court appointed trustee.

Tyrell, who also serves as a Guardianship Commissioner, artlessly takes advantage of her prestigious position by touting it on her law firm's website, this while she participated in or allowed the obvious embezzlement of Jason, one of the "wards" of the court she's been assigned to protect since 2006.

Because Jason is intellectually gifted, and is a beloved client of Opportunity Village, a charity that helps severely disabled people, the courtroom was packed with his supporters. After Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice James W. Hardesty called him forward to speak, Jason did not disappoint his admirers when he demanded to know what happened to his missing inheritance that Tyrell had been appointed as Trustee to administer.

After the heated confrontation and a scathing TV news report later that day, Tyrell reluctantly sent Hanson an expired check for $5,520.74 that was back dated from March 27, 2015.

After Tyrell's Federal Express package was opened by a group home employee, Jason reportedly went into shock when he saw the small amount of the enclosed Trent, Tyrell & Associates Trust Account check which comprised the entire balance remaining from his $80,000 Trust set up at Charles Schwab by his grandmother for his support, and the proceeds from the sale of a handicap accessible house owned by his late father that was meant for his son to live in for the rest of his life, but was sold at a deep discount without court authorization.

Based on his reaction to seeing that someone had stolen his entire inheritance, caretakers said they thought Jason was having a heart attack or stroke.

Tyrell provided no explanation for what happened to the over $75,000 plus interest missing from Jason's trust, the whereabouts of the proceeds from the unauthorized sale of Jason's house, and why she just now sent him a check for a fraction of his assets almost a year after it was written.

Tyrell also did not explain why the check was not drawn from Jason's trust account. Was it so no one would know the location of the bank or the account number where his trust was transferred to, or how much interest Jason's trust had accrued?

The televised Hanson/Tyrell confrontation, and her coughing up a tiny check to try to appease him and his supporters, was inspired by what appears to be a well-orchestrated robbery of Jason's inheritance by a cartel of professional trustees and attorneys under the direction of mastermind private guardian Jared E. Shafer. But this time, they may be messing with the wrong man!

It now appears clear that an incestuous group of local guardians, attorneys, and trustees were using Jason Hanson's trust fund as their personal ATM facilitated by the missing required accountings and the lackadaisical or intentional actions of several family court judges, a clear violation of Nevada law. And throughout the pilferage, at least two family court judges approved documents that allowed the theft to occur without caring one bit about the special needs man being harmed. However, Jason's robbery is drawing extensive attention, and has put the spotlight on the type of people who function best in the dark shadows of Sin City's pseudo-elite social circle.

If my sources are correct, this may be the beginning of the end for the heartless exploiters and their Family Court collaborators. All of them may soon be brought to justice by someone they totally underestimated, a "Rambo in a wheelchair."

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Private Guardian Jared Shafer et al Stole Cerebral Palsy Victim's Inheritance Under Color of Law


Finny said...

I wonder how many will go down when the authorities have completed their investigation. Right now, I wonder how they can keep up with it all let alone finish any aspect of the investigation. New evidence keeps coming to light.

Thank you Steve Miller!

StandUp said...

They're all going down and it's just a question of when!

Betty said...

Jason Hanson's story is the worst I have seen because it was all done to him when there was no guardianship. That's outright theft and conversion. This case should send the perpetrators (all of them) to jail. Thank you, Steve Miller.