Thursday, March 24, 2016

Former Attorney Avoids Prison in Larceny Case Involving Disabled Client

John Fritz told a judge recently that his former attorney's theft of his money left him severely depressed, nervous, angry and distrustful of lawyers, the courts and people in general.

Fritz, a disabled Wethersfield resident, had a chance to address Judge Joan K. Alexander before she sentenced his long-time former attorney and conservator, Michael Schless, at Superior Court in New Britain on March 18.

Newington police last year charged Schless with stealing about $48,000 from Fritz. Schless, 78, entered a no contest plea to first-degree larceny in February.

"Michael Schless stabbed me in the back and he only looked out for himself," Fritz said.

Fritz told the judge he has had cerebral palsy his entire life, and he had received $120,000 from his late mother, money which Schless was supposed to help him manage.

"I think he was stealing money for a long time," Fritz said. "In the past I trusted people, and trusted lawyers and the courts. Now, I don't trust people anymore. I told the probate court something was wrong and the court ignored me."

According to Fritz, what happened made him severely depressed. He stopped eating properly and lost over 80 pounds. For years, he had a home health aide to help him brush his teeth, but Schless claimed he couldn't afford an aide and cancelled that service, Fritz said. He told the judge his lower teeth rotted and had to be pulled out. "It was awful for me," Fritz said.

Fritz said Schless wasn't paying his bills or rent properly, subjecting him to fines and penalties. When he complained, he said probate court officials didn't do anything about it........

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Former Attorney Avoids Prison in Larceny Case Involving Disabled Client

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Finny said...

If I'd done what this guy did, I'd be in prison, period.