Saturday, April 2, 2016

Randy Meisner's Friend Calls For Conservatorship

A friend of Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner is calling for a judge to place him under conservatorship over fears for his mental health.

Friends and family of the veteran rocker have been concerned for his wellbeing after his wife Lana shot herself during a domestic dispute at their Los Angeles home earlier in March (16).

Meisner's estranged children want him to be placed under their conservatorship, but he objected to their plans by filing his own legal papers asking a judge to name a "trusted friend" and financial adviser as his conservators instead of his kids.

His longtime friend James Newton has now filed his own legal documents asking for someone specialising in mental health to be awarded temporary conservatorship. He is concerned Meisner will appoint an unqualified friend for the role.

Newton fears Meisner, who has a history of drink and drug addiction, is back on the alcohol and risks doing harm to himself following the death of his wife, according to  (Continue Reading)

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Randy Meisner's Friend Calls For Conservatorship


Steven said...

So sorry for the Meisner family.......

Anonymous said...

This whole family has to go through all of this right in the public's eye. Very sad.

StandUp said...

Nobody knows the real story. You sure can't trust the media to tell it straight.