Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Modern Family Owned by Judges

True story of Judges Kidnapping Seniors and disabled while making them private property of the judge stealing, fleecing everyone while abusing, neglecting, exploiting the elderly and families in Probate Courts under Guardianships "AKA--Human Trafficking". Texas has declared "WAR" on the elderly and Disabled, forcing them to leave their homes ,families and live in nursing homes (warehouses) while attorneys and judges and guardianship service providers fleece everyone and finally forced to die on their "HOSPICE" services.

The Modern Family Owned by Judges


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NOT ONLY elderly yet also noncompliant young, who's lawyer father embarrass that his child became his own man and married whom he wants without father consent. That was a true story which came to international attention: 28 y.o. the son was a genius pianist with great career, he emancipate himself in his twenties from abusive family of lawyers father (who is recently in the guardianship business) and mother. Since after the son lived with his wife. Finally a couple, son's family with his wife (his senior) was demolished, son was trapped by his father under emergency petition of legal guardianship in Pennsylvania (while his parents living in VA). Pianist's wife tried to fight for him and many world known personalities in music joined her, but final decision of the judge was failure for any future of the great artist.

After he receive this final verdict at the nursing facility where he was pleased, he call the taxi and he left for Switzerland. His wife joined him. But all of it end up in death of the son, since they removed his passport abroad. Psychiatric medication was also doing it's harm and no good.

We all lost a beautiful and brilliant artist.

Devastating low ever exist!, Horror movie would not be created as it is!

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