Monday, May 2, 2016

Man sentenced for abusing elderly mother, stepfather

Derek Baxter Emmett
COBB COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - A man convicted of abusing his elderly mother and stepfather will spend at least the next four years behind bars after being sentenced in a Cobb County courtroom Thursday.

Derek Baxter Emmett, 49, was convicted on eight counts related to the terrorizing and abuse of his mother, 80 year-old Barbara Emmett and her husband, 78 year-old Harry Swink. He was sentenced to 15 years but must serve a minimum of four years.

An investigation into the case was launched in May of 2015 and Emmett was arrested a short time later.

Harry Swink & Barbara Emmett
According to investigators, Barbara Emmett had back surgery and was recovering when the abuse started. Harry Swink was oxygen dependent and in a wheelchair.

Police say Derek Emmett would frequently break in to the couple's home and demand money.

Emmett also assaulted two investigating detectives and was arrested for felony obstruction.

Emmett accepted a plea deal Thursday by agreeing to the following charges:
    2 counts of elderly exploitation
    2 counts of elderly abuse
    2 counts of burglary
    1 count of felony obstruction
    1 count of criminal damage to property-2nd degree

Emmett is not eligible for parole.

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Man sentenced for abusing elderly mother, stepfather

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