Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mysterious signature adds to confusion in Patterson Guardianship case

by Michael Volpe:
WASHINGTON, September 2, 201 6- A mysterious signature has deepened the confusion over Martin Patterson’s already controversial guardianship.

Patterson, only 37 and a former Army Ranger, was deemed incompetent as a result of being hit by lightning and placed into guardianship in 2011. Under guardianship, he is unable to make his own financial decisions.

Several neurological and competency tests have found Patterson competent.

Patterson alleges his mother Gail, an employee of the Erie, Pennsylvania VA Medical Center,  is responsible for the guardianship petition. He also alleges that since he has been in guardianship, approximately $100,000 has been misspent.

On August 1, 2014, Karen Boatwright signed off on the accounting for Patterson’s yearly budget- a total in excess of $75,000.

But Boatwright is an individual Patterson doesn’t know.

“I’ve never communicated with her,” Patterson said.

Patterson further stated the name was totally foreign to him until he discovered it on his document. He said that it was his understanding that his VA Fiduciary- the individual solely responsible for managing his money while in guardianship- was Laura Eaton of the local nonprofit MECA Inc. Not so, said Lisa Goebel, the spokesperson for the VA Fiduciary Hub In Indianapolis, which is overseeing the case.

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Mysterious signature adds to confusion in Patterson Guardianship case

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Rachel said...

How many other Veterans are victimized this way?

Jan said...

I'm so glad to see Michael Volpe on the story. He always does follow-ups.

Marcie said...

Give this man his freedom!