Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stealing Home: A Con's Guide to Inheritance Theft

Here are a few things you will discover in this free download:

*How to Recognize Inheritance Theft Cons Hiding in Plain Sight
*The 6 Steps to Stealing an Inheritance
*Powerful Strategies Use by Cons to Control Beneficiaries
*Attention Grabbing Accounts of Real Inheritance Theft Cases
*The Types of Documents Cons Love

Don't wait for tragedy to strike you - get inside the mind of the cons and arm yourself with knowledge about inheritance theft. Southern California Trust and Estate Litigator Phillip Lemmons has laid out what you need to know about inheritance theft in his new book, "Stealing Home: A Con's Guide to Inheritance Theft." Phillip has handled hundreds of contested trust and estate matters since 1998, and is regarded as a no-nonsense advocate.

Free download of "Stealing Home: A Con's Guide to Inheritance Theft

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Roger said...

Conservatorship abuse is inheritance theft. I hope he talks about that.