Monday, January 2, 2017

"Long Term Care Guide: Essential Tips for Solving the Elder Care Puzzle"

When an older adult begins to require assistance with activities of daily living, or experiences a healthcare crisis, a family may feel threatened by potential social, emotional, physical, financial, and legal challenges. Solving the long-term care puzzle is easier for a caregiver who has a guide, not only to understand a present challenge, but to foresee a potential catastrophe down the road.

This book is composed of published articles written by Elder Law attorneys and an Elder Care Coordinator, BSN with years of professional experience with the needs of older adults and their care-giving families. The practical strategies in this book will help you along with your long-term, elder care journey. Articles within each chapter discuss specific topics related to older adult advocacy including: care-giving roles dementia finances care services independence issues legal issues and more.

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Carolyn Anderson said...

I was interested in the book until reading it's written by elder law attorneys. I know they're not all bad but I feel safer keeping my distance from them.