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Guardian Corruption Finances Voter Fraud in the United States

This article exposes using embezzled funds from senior guardianship accounts as a primary financial tool to commit voter fraud. This is a national problem having several players including the American Bar Association, social workers, cooperative physicians, court systems, and attorneys who make a nice living by financing voter fraud.

The example I’ll use for this article, is based upon numerous documents of obtained evidence from Clark County, Nevada. I will expose how the money flows from law firms, trust accounts and unaccounted for property sales is used to force undocumented citizens to commit voter fraud. I will reveal the story of one undocumented citizen who uses the name Hector, who was recruited by a Clark County official to commit voter fraud. I will explain why Nevada is hiding this corruption.

Nevada makes money by protecting private guardians who have bragged about stealing hundreds of millions from unsuspecting families. Unfortunately, Clark County, along with the state of Nevada, is convicting citizens who never registered as professional guardians. These citizens are being convicted of elder exploitation to hide this corruption. The beneficiaries of this corrupt system are politically connected individuals. The facts will shock you.

I’m a retired Clark County, Nevada clerk who witnessed guardian abuse on a major scale. I observed how stolen funds were used to commit voter fraud in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have personally witnessed the establishment of fraudulent guardianships. Fraudulent guardianships are encouraged by the Clark County court system because the money from guardian confiscated accounts finances voter fraud.

Paying people to commit the crime of voter fraud requires large amounts of underground funding. My observations will expose the truth behind private guardian corruption and how the state Attorney General and Las Vegas District Attorney are protecting the true embezzlers.

Due to a serious illness, I’ve decided to share what I know about the private guardian for hire system, which has never been discussed in the news media.

Guardian Fraud Begins With a System That Tolerates Lack of Accounting
In order to finance an off the books operation, a source of undocumented money is needed. Missing funds in estate accounts controlled by private for hire guardians is the perfect source of capital for a voter fraud campaign. The missing money is either ignored by the court system or passed over as normal procedure by commissioners and judges charged with overseeing these accounts. A former Clark County hearing master said senior citizens losing money was simply a process of growing old.

Hearing Master, Jon Norheim, was the Guardianship Commissioner who made this statement. I was in Jon Norheim’s court when this statement was made on November 3, 2006 to a shocked audience of attorneys and families. In countless guardianship cases, embezzled funds were never found. Jon Norheim and his boss, Judge Charles Hoskin, have been banned from hearing adult guardianship cases. Sadly, Commissioner Norheim is being allowed to oversee juvenile guardianship cases. The banning’s occurred because Commissioner Norheim and Judge Hoskin became quite controversial and over exposed as a result of victim family complaints. Please review the links in this article to substantiate this statement. The cause for the system’s tolerance for missing money results because these funds are needed to operate a powerful organization which commits voter fraud. I witnessed undocumented individuals being recruited for this practice.

How the Voter Fraud Organization Operates
Votes can be purchased by local politicians who need to win a close election. One private Nevada guardian actually owns the largest election billboard sign company in Las Vegas. His name will be mentioned later along with substantiating links to back up my statements. The organization will force undocumented citizens to vote for a particular candidate or ballot proposition. If the undocumented citizen refuses, deportation will be the final consequence. Union officials and political Party operatives apply pressure on these undocumented citizens to ensure they vote in the ballot box on Election Day. Several unions and corrupt officials supply the voter fraud organization with a list of undocumented workers living in Las Vegas who are likely candidates for committing voter fraud. The undocumented citizens appear on the RADAR because they committed some crime. These crimes include unpaid parking tickets, driving without a license and driving under the influence. The fact major political parties are opposed to voters providing identification during an election is further proof such a system exists. If voters had to provide identification during the act of voting, it would be difficult for undocumented citizens to commit voter fraud.

One undocumented citizen named Hector was convicted of three counts of driving under the influence. Hector claimed that a deputy DA working in the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office had his record wiped clean because he could get ten other undocumented citizens to vote in the 2016 election for certain candidates and propositions. Hector worked hard to perform this task because three convictions meant permanent loss of his driver’s license. Hector alleges his record was sanitized by the DA’s office. Another interesting fact concerns Clark County’s former public guardian, Jared E. Shafer. Mr. Shafer owned and operated the largest election billboard sign company in Las Vegas, which is known as Signs of Nevada. Mr. Shafer served as public guardian in Clark County from 1979 through 2003. Shafer’s connection with Clark County departments granted this private for hire guardian special access to undocumented citizens who were vulnerable for recruitment for voter fraud. Many Las Vegas and Clark County officials obtained votes along with special sign pricing from Jared Shafer’s company, which is known to locals as Signs of Nevada. In return for legal and political favors cooperative officials received free signage from Mr. Shafer to finance their election campaign. Articles about Shafer’s signs are found online. I will discuss at a later point in this article how the votes of undocumented citizens influenced elections in Nevada.

Court Activity in Voter Fraud
Courts ignored corrupt guardian activity until 2013. Cracks in this voter fraud system first appeared with the arrest and conviction of Patience M. Bristol. I personally worked on this case. Bristol removed over $2 million from the court designated ward accounts she was charged with protecting.

The District Attorney charged Bristol with 20 counts of exploitation. The system allowed Ms. Bristol to plead guilty to only one count of elder exploitation. The DA had videos of Patience Bristol pawning stolen jewelry, which the system chose to ignore. Unfortunately, at Bristol’s sentencing, four victims appeared before the court to testify. Bristol was quoted as saying “I didn’t pay enough to the right people.” The voter fraud system resulted in Bristol’s crimes being swept under the carpet. The bulk of the missing money went toward recruiting and controlling the votes of undocumented citizens. The reference links in this article will provide additional details. Major political parties in Nevada received the bulk of senior citizen missing funds, which were used for the voter fraud campaign. These funds went to boost the vote count for local politicians running for office in Clark County, Nevada. I was present when Patience Bristol’s former boss and private guardian, Jared E. Shafer, said, “Bristol knew the right people to pay. She didn’t give enough.”

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Guardian Corruption Finances Voter Fraud in the United States


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I never understood why guardianship wards are given the right to vote and not the right to make any other decisions. There had to be a method in this madness.

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How many votes are old people stuck in nursing homes without even glasses and making marks instead of signing?

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This is more pervasive than one might think. Because the charges involve political corruption, the indictments are often sealed and cloaked in secrecy. Moreover, the headlines are more likely to highlight the political corruption component of the story, and ignore completely or minimize the embezzlement that funds the criminal enterprise. For another example, go here: